New Puppy?

The first year of a puppy’s life is a time for crucial learning and experience.

Sometimes things crop up that we are not expecting and we just need to ask. We may also need help with some specific aspects of puppy training. We need an expert to rely on, for little puppy niggles and bigger questions about their learning, too.

A Puppy Subscription with us gives you peace of mind that the advice you are going to get will not only be personalised but also, qualified. These can be paired with classes or one to one as add-ons too.

Our new, popular service provides new owners with either 6 or 12 months of regular contact with Karen, a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Animal Training Instructor (ABTC-ATI).

6 Month
For Puppies

Before your pup even arrives home, we are here to guide you. Your puppy subscription gives you 4 x 1 hour video chat consultations and weekly contact for questions and support.
(this is our most popular option)


12 Month
For Puppies

Full guidance from the minute you need us, for your puppy’s whole first year. We are here every single step of the way. 10 x 1 hour video chat consultations and weekly email contact for questions and support.


“I feel like I know my dog so much better now!”

– Leslie & Muffin
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