Puppy Education for Life
with Karen Wild CCAB

A New Puppy! Congratulations. Exciting times ahead!

Puppy training with classes, private lessons and packages to teach you and your puppy using the very latest training methods.

Your puppy is growing and developing fast, with plenty of challenges to come. Pups are part of the family, and we want you to enjoy every moment.

We are here to guide you through pitfalls and preparations, and we deal with individual needs.

Help with nipping and mouthing, housetraining and obedience, life skills and of course, adolescence too.

Puppy Advice sessions

Need specific advice? Book a one to one session with Karen today!

We can offer the following options to help you teach your puppy all the life skills you both need for a happy family dog.

Live Online Consultation

Get help with all your puppy questions and concerns via live video consult with Karen.

We can offer these quickly, so no need to wait.
Effective, convenient and covid-safe too.


In-Person Visit

We can offer in-person visits to your home
(Covid-19 restrictions apply)

Helps you discuss the best home set-up for your pup, helps us assess your puppy in-person.
We can demonstrate hands-on training techniques too!


Puppy Training Classes

Group classes – for a family dog you can take anywhere

Our puppy classes are designed with future behaviour in mind. So much more than tricks, or ‘Sit, Stand, Down’! We want you to have a family dog you can take anywhere.

Karen has more than twenty years experience of training dogs of all ages and our unique syllabus is aimed to help you build a calm, happy and friendly family dog.

You are in the perfect place to teach your new puppy about how to behave in the human world. We guide you on bonding with your puppy in the best way possible, using a clear and easy-to-follow method.

So why not jump in and join us?

Your puppy’s journey with us:

Puppy Classes

Our classes are the perfect place to teach your puppy, or growing dog, all the life skills they need. We all want a dog that will fit into our lifestyle safely and happily. Puppy and adolescence are important times for training. We are here to guide you through and help you make it all fun for everyone.

Progress Classes

For our Puppy graduates we offer follow-on Progress classes that build up throughout adolescence and beyond. Adolescence is a tricky time for dogs and families. We want to help you keep them learning and developing without causing problems.

Advanced Classes

Your puppy never stops learning, and they will always want to do more. A well-trained dog is a pleasure. Advanced classes teach you all sorts of handling skills, and help you and your dog bond in a way you never imagined was possible.


“Karen is great, she really helped me get Mac to start behaving, I can’t recommend her enough. Mac now walks happily on his lead, doesn’t bark at other dogs, nor does he jump up at strangers.”

– Alex McGibbon

Puppy Subscription

Our new, popular service provides puppy owners with either 6 or 12 months of regular support from Karen.

A series of live video chat consultations with qualified, tailored advice as your puppy grows.

Email support whenever you need it!

Puppy Subscription is the cost-effective way to feel confident throughout your pup’s crucial early months.

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