Humans looking for a good walk and socialisation can join the Ramblers….. dogs and, of course, their owners – can now get involved in Big Walkies, a group set up by two dog-lovers from St Ives and St Neots.

Becca Bryant (St Ives) and Jackie Fitzpatrick (St Neots) set up the Big Walkies website after discovering there was a lack of information about dog-friendly walks in Huntingdonshire.

Becca said: “I tried to find a different dog walk for each month but after scouring the internet we found there weren’t many listed.

“So I decided to set up a website that would recommend dog walks in Huntingdonshire ….. but interest was shown in our small group meeting for dog walks, so we decided to dedicate the website to dog walking events and the promotion of responsible dog ownership across Cambrigdeshire.”

“We’ve since had interest from as far away as Leeds, Cardiff, Devon and Cornwall, and it is my ambition to see the network spread across the country.”

“Socialisation of dogs is so important in regards to their behaviour towards other dogs, humans and adaptation in different envionments. Big Walkies are proud to have Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs puppies use the group to socialise dogs.”

“I would say to anyone who has a dog to come along and harvest both the mental and physical health benefits of dog walking.”

Who can join? You! Anybody who wants to get fit and healthy and enjoy doing so with theirs/other peoples dogs!
How can you join? Register as a member for FREE and choose the events you attend.
What happens at Big Walkies? From 40 minutes to 2 hours walk in accessible green space in Cambridgeshire with your/other peoples dogs.
Why should I join? To get socialised, fit, healthy, feel a sense of community, have fun with your/other peoples dogs, get outdoors, feel safe, make friends……. and many more reasons!
When do you meet? Weekly, fortnightly, monthly – you choose!!

Big Walkies holds numerous events in Cambridgeshire. Visit for more information or to register as a member for free!

As Big Walkies is a community group and not funded, they welcome a donation at the end of their events (suggested £1). However, this is a donation and you are not expected to pay this.

Take your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your dog and join now ……. it’s FREE!