The Purrfect Guide to Thinking like a Cat

Yes, cats are known to be inscrutable, but their behaviour tell us more about them than we often think. Did you know that if your cat is wagging her tail at you that is not a good sign? (She’s angry.) Or what it means if her pupils are dilated? (She’s scared.) Or if she’s kneading your leg? (She’s showing appreciation.)

Getting straight to the point, The Purrfect Guide to Thinking like a Cat doesn’t waste time on lengthy and complicated explanations that you will never finish reading let alone put into practice. Instead, in brief instructions the book explains how to understand your cat s behaviour and how you can adapt your own behaviour to make the most of your relationship.

Featuring 110 colour photographs, the book deftly addresses all manner of issues, from marking territory to hissing, from scratching to self-harming, from exercising to coping with other cats. Packed with easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply information, The Purrfect Guide to Thinking like a Cat is an essential guide to forging a lasting, healthy relationship with your cat.