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Tips for better lead handling for your dog

Often, once we have taught our dogs a command, the temptation to use the lead to implement it seems to become overwhelming. The lead becomes an encouragement, a reminder, [...]

Labrador Guide

Labrador Worldwide’s Top Ten Guide to Being a Worthy Owner Today’s Christmas tinselly wrapped offering is a devoted piece all about our most popular breed – Labradors! They come [...]

Be a good dog citizen and train your dog!

What makes a good dog citizen? This week I am running a dog training workshop on this exact subject, teaching our owners and their pups what to do. ‘Manners!’ [...]

Mud, dogs, glorious mess

Dogs and mud! Today I don't need my amazing wet weather gear as I have a day off. Even so I got to thinking about 'mud management' with dogs. [...]

How to keep your Cat happy

A lot of us have super friendly cats – when they want to be. They enjoy fuss on their own terms. Some are all over us and can’t cope [...]

Thinking of getting a puppy?

If you are still tempted, before you read on, can I suggest you think again. Getting a puppy during lockdown is likely to lead to big changes when we [...]

How can I get the best care for my pet?

Whether we are looking for a dog trainers, pet sitters, dog walker, boarding or kennels, we naturally want the very highest level of care. How can we find the [...]

Mud and your dog walks today!

  It’s sunny, and yes it’s muddy! The Autumn dry days are great for romping through the leaves (I mean for our dogs, but you’re allowed too). However, the [...]

Pack Leader is out of date for dogs

Dog owners always like to know the best ways to help their dog, and often tell me they watch every program that is out there to learn more about [...]


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