Books by Karen

My biggest passions in life are training people to teach their dogs,
helping family dogs with problems, and writing books and articles
about pet behaviour.

My books are for owners of family dogs. I know how hard it can be to want the best for your dog, whilst having a busy family life. Every book is aimed directly at us – owners that really care about our pets and want to make their lives better – quickly, easily, and with the most up to date advice available.

Being a Dog


Imagine yourself in the mind of your dog. How would you view the world, other dogs and other animals? How would you see yourself? What would make you happy, excited, fearful or angry?

More than just a dog psychology book, this includes the latest scientific research accompanied by enlightening illustrations that give a unique insight into what it’s like being a dog from the dog’s perspective.


  1. Welcome to your doggy world
  2. How you see and smell the world
  3. Taste, touch and sound
  4. Stimuli and responses
  5. Puppyhood – Your growing pains
  6. Emotion, character and nurture
  7. You and other dogs
  8. Understanding humans
  9. The autumn years
  10. Problems you might face

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