“We sought help from Karen when our 6 month old puppy Ted presented with resource guarding. When we first started the treatment he was quite badly guarding and showing serious aggression to all members of the family, most worryingly a lot of it was directed at my 2 children especially the youngest.

I felt confident carrying out the behaviour programme she gave us, Karen was realistic all the way through treatment and always made us aware of the risks of any training. It can be tempting to listen to advice from others and from internet sources/forums but this sometimes caused more problems or had a negative effect on Ted’s progress.

Our treatment was all online live video/email based. Karen was very responsive to all my emails and questions (of which there were many!) and we found the online treatment process just as good as if it had been face to face.

By the end of treatment Ted made a huge amount of progress and we now have the knowledge and strategies to carry the treatment on by ourselves.

Thank you Karen!”

– The Bates family and Ted

“Karen is FAB! I just wanted to let you know what a great dog Bo has grown into. She is amazing!!!”

– Davina McCall, TV presenter

“Huge kudos to Karen for her wise words regarding our troublesome pooch… Thanks Karen.”

– Chris O’Dowd, Actor ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Thor II’, ‘The IT Crowd’

“Guys, Karen helped me so much with (my dog) Potato…get in touch if you need advice or help with yours x x x”

– Dawn O’Porter, Broadcast and Print Journalist and TV presenter

“Thanks to Karen the best dog trainer in the world. I have just returned from a lovely walk with my GSD. I love Karen !! and so does Sadie!”

– Jackie Wren, Davina McCall’s personal trainer

“Thank you for your help with Barney – he has grown into such a lovely, obedient, loving dog – thanks to you. All the best – hope to see you in the future.”

– Love, Pat and John

“Dear Karen, I must thank you very much indeed for training Muffin. He is a real credit to your training and to the time you have taken with him.

Yesterday was my first walk with him…once I took charge and remembered all you had said, the walk was unbelievable; he walked with me at whatever pace and stopped when I did with no command; he sat immediately when told to, and quite honestly I can say in all my years of dog owning and training I have never had such a well-trained dog. People were commenting how good he is. I had to keep looking down to see if he was still with me!

Today Terry took him to walk to heel off lead…he said Muffin was perfect. We know that to keep him to this high standard means not letting him slip back into doing what he wants because he is cute, but we have a much nicer, quieter, well-behaved little dog now and we are very pleased with what you have achieved.”

– Linda and Terry Pickup

“Karen provides an excellent service. Not only does she understand why dogs act in a certain way, she can convey this in plain English and provide a suitable training programme for dog and owner alike. I have been impressed at her professionalism from the outset.

She took the time to assess my newly arrived dog’s motivations, likes and dislikes, before training began. My dog has made excellent progress since then and I am confident that he will continue to improve markedly under Karen’s skilful guidance.”

– Mr B. Champ

“I cannot speak too highly of the help I have received.

Karen has always been willing to answer any questions I have had.

The advice has been such a great help in getting what I thought was a very difficult dog to mix with other dogs and let people visit our house without showing frightening amounts of aggression.

Thank you Karen.”

– Paul Geeves

“We have had Weimaraners for the past 15 years and as such we have had rescue dogs.

We called Karen in to assist with one of our dogs. Karen very quickly pointed out how the dogs were behaving together and was very intuitive with her questions. She was patient with her teaching and clearly explained why our dogs did what they did, giving clear instruction and what we should expect going forward.Karen is very knowledgeable and takes time to ensure you understand why exercises are needed.

The support and after service is also just as good, the whole experience has meant that we now have a much calmer dog and our friends have even commented on the difference. On the whole money well spent.”

– Michelle

“Hi Karen, Thanks for your advice regarding shaky Ben, I tried your suggestions, and of course they worked! Ben is fine now although I have noticed that he only feels safe going outside in the dark if Jerry goes with him, he definitely doesn’t want to be out there on his own. Feel free to paste any comments on your web site, I have also distributed all your cards to people who have mentioned dog training. Hayley and I often speak about how great you have been for us both and of course our three boys! Thanks again for your help.”

– Claire Gardner

“Karen is great, she really helped me get Mac to start behaving, I can’t recommend her enough. Mac now walks happily on his lead, doesn’t bark at other dogs, nor does he jump up at strangers.”

– Alex McGibbon

“As a first time puppy owner, this class is was a reassuring and insightful start to becoming a responsible dog owner…and for Poppy, a great morning of play and socialisation with her new friends!

Having what appeared to be the bounciest puppy around who rarely settled it was an anxious process where I feared I may never succeed or get any control and yet I soon learned that each of us, as handlers and puppies just had different strengths and weaknesses. Karen thankfully spots the moments you get it right and praises from afar and supports and encourages areas for improvement for each of our puppies, so you are inspired to just keep practicing!

The ethos of the teaching offers insight into a ‘way of life’ for owners and their dogs that goes way beyond the 5 weeks of puppy class, but clearly sets you out on the right path. We have moved on to the Puppy Improvers and still appear to be the bounciest puppy around…but as calm control is building steadily, we are under no illusion that a future of agility may be the best way to embrace the bounce with a little control! A fun, insightful and inspiring class that instils confidence and focus for a positive relationship with your dog. Thank you Karen.”

– Rachel and Poppy

“I was so confused about all the people telling me what to do, and reading different internet advice. Talking to you about them and all their ways made me much more confident with Max and Mabel. I feel like we have all learned such a lot.”

– Alison Benson, Mad Max and Miss Mabel

“I feel like I know my dog so much better now!”

– Leslie & Muffin