Help! My dog is flaky!

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It’s a stigma I know. My dog has dandruff. At the Dogs Trust Honours Awards last week, I was really embarrassed when people stroked her, to see white specks appear in their masses in Bonnie’s little black coat.

The adorable and very funny (he really is nice! Yes he is!) Paul Ross and his wife were most sympathetic to Bonnie’s plight. They have a Dogue de Bordeaux whose head is probably the same size as Bonnie. Paul suggested that I perhaps bath the dog in Comfort… cue slap on shoulder from his other half haha!

So begins my search for non-flaky products. I have been told by the expert at Lintbells (Yumega) that itrelates to the Omega oils in Bonnie’s food. Yumega can help this, apparently. I will let you know!

At the pet shop near me the girls advised an oil to add to food, and a shampoo as well. The dogs LOVE the oil and will happily drink it without needing it added to their dinner. Dougals Den have a product called Bionic Biotic, a food supplement to stop itching and flakiness. Somehow I think lots of dogs might have this problem, so what is the cause?

The shampoo, however, is a different story. This evil concoction smells of what I can only describe as ‘sweaty coalman’ so now my hands, the dog, the bathroom all stink. And the flakiness is still there.

Fantastic buddy Gabriela from Collarways has suggested I save Bonnie’s blushes by using Comfy Dog. Gabriela uses it on her little black pug William as he gets itchy without it!

The brilliant Roly from Dorwest Herbs, aided by Dr Monkey, a rather special Border Terrier, contacted me to say “In most cases this can be simply and effectively improved by feeding a diet which is as natural as possible which should contain some omega 3 oils. Along with this a high quality Evening Primrose Oil (10% GlA) will show an improvement in flaky and scurvy skin in around 10 days to 3 weeks in most case.”

So, watch this space. What do you use? Are you a groomer or nutrition bod who knows about these things? What ideas do you have? It’s a new one on me, and I don’t want a flaky ChiChiSpi…!


– Karen Wild

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