Looking for puppy advice?

Online Puppy Advice

Your puppy is growing and developing fast, with plenty of challenges to come. Pups are part of the family, and I want you to enjoy every moment.

If you need specific advice? I’m here to guide you through pitfalls and preparations. Whether it’s help with nipping and mouthing, housetraining and obedience, life skills and of course, adolescence too.

Book a video chat today! Get help with all your puppy questions and concerns via live video consultation. I can offer these quickly, so no need to wait. Effective, convenient and covid-safe too. Just contact me on the link below, and we can set up a session.

Why choose online help?

It’s Quick

I can help you at the earliest possibility.
All you have to do is get in touch !

It’s Convenient

No need to travel or disturb your pet.
I can still ‘visit’ your home, just virtually!

It’s Supportive

I offer regular follow-up support as part of the package.
I want your pet to do well, and for that, they depend on you.

Vet Recommended

For behavioural help, I work on Veterinary Referral
and rely on your pet’s vet to form part of the team
working with you to make things better for you and your dog.