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Writer, journalist and broadcaster Dawn Porter is well known for her cutting edge documentaries, but did you know about her gorgeous cat Lilu and her beautifully marked little rescue dog, Potato? It always fascinates me to find out more about people and their pets, as it can be very interesting and often revealing.

I was delighted to catch up with Dawn, share her news about Potato and Lilu, and have a good old chat about why she chose her little dog and what he has meant to her over the past months.

Today’s podcast is put together with the help of poor old Jon Buscall who has man-flu! Get Well Soon Jon! Personally I rather like the husky voice, it reminds me of the Milk Tray advert voiceover… and if you are old enough to remember that, then pat yourself on the back!

The interview was recorded as part of our advent calendar in December 2010 – so the prize at the end is no longer available as it has already been won. But you can still guess the answer as a bit of trivia if you like 😉 and of course thanks to Dawn for sharing time with us. If you want to talk to Dawn via twitter, please contact her on www.twitter.com/hotpatooties

Listen to the WildPaw Podcast Interview with Dawn Porter and Karen Wild here:

Dawn talks about Potato, how he came to live with her and her boyfriend, well-known actor Chris O’Dowd.

Dawn has nominated the brilliant and life-changing charity Coppafeel today. Coppafeel is a fantastic cause encouraging younger women to check themselves over (cop a feel!) to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Visit and support this great cause by visiting their site Coppafeel – because Breast Cancer knows no age



– Karen Wild

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