Coronavirus COVID 19 and our dogs in lockdown

  Music by Louis Wild ©Copyright WildMusicStudio 2020 Emma Milne is a Vet, author and animal welfare enthusiast.Emma qualified from Bristol in 1996 and was featured in BBC's hugely [...]

Interview with TV Vet Emma Milne

In this week's podcast, Jon and Karen talk about how all those training treats could be making your dog fat. Plus, Karen interviews TV vet Emma Milne. It's not [...]

An Interview with Rosemary Conley

This episode, talks about when you're out and about with your dogs and includes an interview with well-known UK fitness guru Rosemary Conley. Rosemary talks about how life with [...]

Interview with Grisha Stewart

This year saw some very exciting seminars arranged here in the UK. One in particular has stayed in my mind and I know has affected a lot of trainers [...]

Interview with Nicole Wilde: Separation anxiety

Well-respected trainer and prolific author, Nicole Wilde talks to Karen about her latest book 'Don't Leave Me' all about dogs with separation anxiety. Nicole shares her expert tips on how [...]

Interview with Jean Donaldson

Is there still a Culture Clash? Many years ago a revolution was declared in the dog world. 'The Culture Clash', by Jean Donaldson, spoke out in favour of dogs [...]

An Interview with Annabel Giles

'Why did I choose my dog?' was the question put to the much-loved Annabel Giles, who describes life with Godfrey the pug, her views on dog ownership, and how [...]

An Interview with Marc the Vet

What is it like to be a Vet these days? Marc Abraham, TV's well-known Vet, chats about his beginnings as an on-call emergency Vet, his current TV work and [...]

Dawn Porter’s hot Potato!

Writer, journalist and broadcaster Dawn Porter is well known for her cutting edge documentaries, but did you know about her gorgeous cat Lilu and her beautifully marked little rescue [...]

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