Interview with TV Vet Emma Milne

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In this week’s podcast, Jon and Karen talk about how all those training treats could be making your dog fat. Plus, Karen interviews TV vet Emma Milne.

It’s not good for your dog to be overweight. Still, treats are an invaluable part of regular training exercises as they are an excellent way of marking good behaviour. The important thing, as Jon and Karen discuss, is to make sure that you take their calorific content into account alongside your dog’s overall daily intake of food.

Karen also had the chance to talk to TV vet Emma Milne about her work.
Emma, for listeners outside the UK, is a veterinarian, author and appeared in 11 series of Vets in Practice on British television.

Find out more about Emma on this week’s show or visit her website.

Listen to the podcast here.

– Karen Wild

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