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I was delighted to see a new book available by one of the most sensible and down-to-earth experts we have here in the UK: Guide & Control Your Pet Dog’s Behaviour

This turned out to be a gem of a book with information that every owner should already know, and a book they should own, for reassurance that there is common sense and generosity behind all well-behaved dogs.

Briefer and less technical than David’s previous books, this is an easily accessible and once again, practical guide. Analogies to explain the points made give an understanding and humour that is engaging, in particular the explanations given to help owners prevent and pre-empt problems; “Guide dogs don’t wait for you to walk in front of a bus” is one of my particular favourites. The illustrations form a useful backdrop.

As the book contains practical steps, I did find the conversational style difficult to enable these to be followed and would prefer a step-by-step text format, simply because this is a staged approach to learning and sets it apart from explanation.

Nevertheless an enjoyable read, useful and David helps every busy dog owner by already sifting through all available scientific and jargon-filled information, translating it into easy-to-follow text, leaving us with the genuine nuggets of essential pet dog behaviour and teaching.

Karen Wild BA(Hons) Dip App Psych

See more on Amazon: Guide & Control Your Pet Dog’s Behaviour

– Karen Wild

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