Category: Behaviour

Games not to play with your dog

Any play can turn into a problem if you don’t think through the rules and regular routine of the game beforehand. It’s a good idea to think about what [...]

Helping your dog with thunderstorm fear

Optimistic, I know, but the weather is changing rapidly so let’s hope we get a run of dry, sunny weather. Which does your dog prefer? Rain, cold or warm [...]

What is the meaning of a dog tail wag?

Ah, the dog’s tail. Supposedly the barometer of their feelings. What does it mean when the dog wags his tail? Countless times I have been told by owners that [...]

House training in winter

I always get more enquiries from dog owners on what to do about the increase in ‘little accidents’ indoors in wintertime. You may even have noticed that thanks to [...]

Social rules around dogs and puppies

Dogs live in human society as pets, so it’s essential we take precautions to teach them all the right social rules. You will need to plan for this long [...]

My puppy needs friends!

Does your puppy have lots of friends already, or did you only just get a pup and then aren’t sure whether you even know anyone with another dog? Are [...]

What does my dog’s barking mean?

Helping you work out what type of bark you’re witnessing is about context as well as sound pattern and volume. If your dog barks lunging forward and then backing [...]

Does your dog bark?

Does your dog bark? Is it embarrassing? Do you know why they're barking? Or is it just something they do to everything they notice? Some dogs bark more than [...]


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