Category: Behaviour

Tips for better lead handling for your dog

Often, once we have taught our dogs a command, the temptation to use the lead to implement it seems to become overwhelming. The lead becomes an encouragement, a reminder, [...]

Excessive Licking in Dogs

Excessive Licking: How Can I Deal with This Aspect If you are a dog owner or have friends with dogs, you probably went through the part in which you [...]

Interview with Nicole Wilde: Separation anxiety

Well-respected trainer and prolific author, Nicole Wilde talks to Karen about her latest book 'Don't Leave Me' all about dogs with separation anxiety. Nicole shares her expert tips on how [...]

10 tips to prevent a dog bite

So often we hear that people got bitten by a dog 'out of the blue', 'so fast I didn't see it coming'. Unpredictable? Unpreventable? Personally I believe that all [...]


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