Interview with Grisha Stewart

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This year saw some very exciting seminars arranged here in the UK. One in particular has stayed in my mind and I know has affected a lot of trainers and dog folk out there. Grisha Stewart is a seminar presenter and dog trainer who specialises in reactive dogs and how to help them, and their owners, adjust and cope.

I was delighted to catch up with Grisha this summer and talk to her in detail about Behaviour Adjustment Therapy (B.A.T.). A podcast for trainers and owners alike. Plus, the podcast has it’s usual mix of fun and news, with me, Karen Wild and co-presenter Jon Buscall.

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You can access Grisha’s website here Grisha Stewart, Behavioural Adjustment Training

Grisha’s book can be downloaded or ordered here on Grisha’s website or buy it on Amazon

– Karen Wild

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