Ten great reasons why you should adopt an older dog

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Rescuing a dog takes a lot of thought and planning. There are always dogs needing homes, so its worth considering all the choices you have. The Oldies Club are committed to finding homes for older dogs ages 7 and above who can make wonderful companions.

Old dogs can learn new tricks – so why not find room in your home for an oldie? Here’s some more reasons for making an older dog your rescue choice.

And if you can’t, then why not sponsor a dog?

Here the Oldies Club give us the perfect reasons why an older dog makes a good rescue pet:

  1. Old dogs really need homes and deserve to be considered for more than their possible lifespan. The reward of knowing that you have given a noble and faithful dog a warm, loving home for the last few years of his life is incalculable.
  2. Older dogs in rescue are mostly dogs that have lived as pets for years: then there is a death or a divorce, and a dog that has lived in a home for 8 years or more is suddenly sitting confused and miserable in a rescue kennel – if he’s lucky. If he’s not, he’ll simply be put to sleep – he’s old, anyway, right? Now that’s really sad.
  3. Older dogs often make easier pets. Someone else has done the house training and had their slippers eaten: now you can just enjoy their company!
  4. Many older dogs are still fit enough to be great walking companions for years – without expecting you to spend hours throwing balls when you get home.
  5. Owners that aren’t able to walk far any more can enjoy the company of more relaxed oldies, perhaps a dog with a condition that means he cannot walk too far either. Many will be happy to just potter in the garden.
  6. Many oldies come from family situations and are used to children: these oldies are dogs that can take family dramas in their stride!
  7. A steady older dog can make a great companion for a giddy young hound.
  8. Old dogs can learn new tricks – oldies have qualified as Pets as Therapy dogs, taken their KC Good Citizen test, and some even enjoy agility work!
  9. Oldies come in all shapes and sizes. If you are prepared to adopt an older dog, you’ll have an enormous range of dogs to choose from – even breeds that don’t often come up in rescues.
  10. Oldies usually settle amazingly well in their new homes. New owners often worry that an oldie will never bond as well as a pup, but adopters of oldies soon learn how adaptable older dogs can be.

… If you are interested in adopting an older dog, please visit the Oldies Club to see dogs aged 7 and older that are looking for homes all over the country. You can also read the stories of some of the oldies that Oldies Club has rehomed as a rescue, and if you can’t adopt right now, maybe you could sponsor a special oldie?

– Karen Wild

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