Feeding your pets a natural diet

It’s a hot topic and we always want to give our dogs the very best in life, so today TV Vet Joe Inglis tells us about the benefits of [...]

Tempting treats for training

This is a fabulous recipe that makes the perfect training treat. It has come from Dr Muriel Brasseur of the Oxford Animal Behaviour Centre. Let’s get cooking! Luscious Liver [...]

Get results by training your dog

Training your dog really is the answer. Ever felt like giving up when your dog doesn’t behave? These tips are for you. For the hundredth time of apologising to [...]

What does your dog want?

This might be far too simple on first glance. I am sure you are all thinking things like ‘my lap’; ‘walks’; ‘my slippers’! Are dogs the simple creatures we [...]

Firm, fair, but not force

With supposedly ‘modern’ dog training, criticism is often leveled at methods that involve using treats or toys to teach new skills. Concerns exist about ‘giving in’ or somehow making [...]

But my dog still isn’t trained?

Dog training is not something you just do for a few weeks at puppy class. It has to last for the life of your dog. Train your dog to [...]

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