Firm, fair, but not force

With supposedly ‘modern’ dog training, criticism is often leveled at methods that involve using treats or toys to teach new skills. Concerns exist about ‘giving in’ or somehow making [...]

But my dog still isn’t trained?

Dog training is not something you just do for a few weeks at puppy class. It has to last for the life of your dog. Train your dog to [...]

Make vet visits fun for your dog!

Vet visits don’t have to be a worry for you or your beloved dog. One minute they can be happy, next minute, they can be a timid little misery-bundle. [...]

Should I get another dog?

More than one dog at home? Problems? Or want to add a dog to your doggy family? It’s time to weigh up the facts and think long and hard [...]

Doggy gateau treat temptation

A fantastic recipe for a “Greyt” Gourmet Liver Gateau submitted by the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust. Why not cook up one of these fabulous treats for your favourite furry friend. [...]

Kids miss danger signs in dogs

Ever caught yourself hugging your dog? Whispering secrets into its velvety non-judgemental ears? How about during training when you might be making it wait for its toy when it [...]

Autumn joy with our dogs

I don’t know many people that say they hate Autumn. This time of year is most enjoyable for walking my dogs. Just enough warmth to wear a jumper and [...]

Do neighbours complain about your dog?

Is your dog a window-barking addict? Are your neighbours starting to complain? Or maybe you are the neighbour with the barking dog nuisance next door to you? Barking at [...]

What exactly is a “dangerous dog”?

An interesting venture came to my notice recently. What appears to be a dog vigilante group, intent on naming and shaming dogs and owners for alleged dog attacks. The [...]


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