Veterinary Referral Service
for Behaviour Problems

Vet Behaviour Referrals for Dogs & Cats

I provide a professional and caring referral service for Veterinarians whose clients present with dog or cat behaviour issues.

I am a well-respected Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (dogs), Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (dogs/cats) as well as being an Animal Behaviour and Training Council registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist (dogs/cats) and Animal Training Instructor. I am known for being straightforward, caring and supportive, not just for our pet and owner clients, but our pets’ veterinary teams too.

I work with you, the referring Vet, as a supportive team for the client. I work both remotely and in person to:

  • Improve management of pets during and in preparation for Vet visits
  • Assist with a wide range of behaviour problems ranging from new kitten or puppy through to severe aggression
  • Work with staff, training on emergency behaviour advice, referral processes, and running successful and sensible Puppy parties
  • Provide reliable, qualified, experienced professional behaviour and training support for your clients

I have many years experience handling behaviour cases at all levels including cases of severe aggressive behaviour in both dogs and cats, separation anxiety, toileting issues and a wide range of other pet problems where clients need clear guidance. I have presented at BSAVA local events, national BVNA congress, write for Veterinary Practice Today and have been published lead author in Companion Animal Journal Vol 21. No. 9 Clinical Forum on Resource Guarding.

Are you a behaviour nurse, or have an interest in behaviour? I provide full supervision and mentoring placements. Contact me for more information.

How I work:

I take a full history, advises on treatment plans, provides ongoing client support and liaise with you as Veterinary practitioner so that the pet gets the very best all-round care. Cases may be seen online via live video, some are followed up in-person.

Behaviour Referral Process:

How can this behaviour referral service
help my clients and their pets?

I do my very best to be as honest about risk and welfare as possible, guiding clients to make the essential changes that are involved with helping a behaviour problem.

I hold very high standards of care and welfare at the core of my practice. I recognise that pet care is often down to their people – and work with them to ensure a staged process of recovery – wherever that is possible.