Do’s and Dont’s of Christmas Doggy Dinners!

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Did you know that a huge number of calls to Vets over Christmas are related to pets and food? Today Claire Goyer, qualified Canine Nutrition Therapist and co-owner of the award-winning Haslemere Pet Company tells us her top tips for the Christmas Holiday season. Dig in!

DO: keep a dish of dog friendly tid-bits handy so that guests can treat your dog without causing any upset.

DO: ensure that all party food, snacks, and leftovers are kept well out of reach.  Empty your rubbish bins every evening, and store the bags somewhere dog proof.

DO: keep a close eye on your dog and immediately report any signs of upset to your vet. Life threatening conditions such as poisoning, and gastric torsion can sometimes share initial symptoms with other relatively minor gastro illnesses so play it safe.

DO: give your dog a bit of white turkey if you’re so inclined.  Unless your dog is on a restricted diet, a little won’t do him any harm BUT………..

DON’T: give him Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.  You’ll only be asking for trouble.

DON’T: leave it to the last minute to buy your dog’s food.  December is a difficult time for stock control, and your local pet shop or vet may sell out of your brand.

DON’T: use food as a replacement for attention. While your dog may like a chew, he’ll love (and needs!) a walk even more.

DON’T: feel awkward about explaining the “Dog Food Rules” to your guests.  After all, it’s your house, your dog, and your potential vet bill!

And finally………

DON’T forget to have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


– Karen Wild

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