Sponsor a guide dog puppy this Christmas

Today a Guide Dog Puppy walker tells of her own experience and why she is so passionate about supporting this valuable scheme. In 2002 my Dad was forced into [...]

Christmas Buffet Sardine Snax!

Yes I know, it’s for the dogs and not for you. Nevertheless there is no reason why you can’t try them out. I have to admit, liver cake isn’t [...]

A funny Basset hound story from John Buscall

A wonderfully funny Christmas story all the way from Sweden by author Jon Buscall and his wonderful Bassett Hounds. Last Christmas Aggie, the resident pack leader at Kennel Björkwood [...]

Teach your dog a Christmas party trick

It's sometimes nice to show off your dog’s little extras to the family… Clicker training is something you should use as part of your dog’s training because it really [...]

How to keep Christmas safe for our companions

Pets must wonder what on earth is happening when Christmas time arrives. Their usual routine and everyday potterings are turned upside down with the sudden appearance of a Christmas [...]


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