Practical Canine Behaviour For Veterinary Nurses and Technicians

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stephanie hedges book coverAn absolute must-have for every practitioner.

Book review:Practical Canine Behaviour: For Veterinary Nurses and Technicians

At long last a book that we can use, not only in practice but also to help us to advise our Veterinary colleagues. Stephanie has successfully bridged the gap between what can be done in Veterinary practice, and what supports clients when seeking more indepth assistance from behaviour specialists.

She also deals with a number of community issues to do with dog ownership where Vet practices, particularly nurses and technicians, are on the front line.

Overall the book is divided into four main sections; canine behaviour and communication; how an understanding of these principles can be used to improve handling and interaction of dogs in practice; prevention and how the Vet nurse/technician can help prevent problem behaviours arising with clients; and finally, how they may respond to clients with established problem behaviours.

Sections on handling, puppy guidance and socialisation classes, and managing behaviour in many aspects within Veterinary context are all included. In addition Stephanie includes a number of immediate, practical sections organized into key steps so that they are simple to understand, explain to others and refer to within practice.

Photographs and diagrams clearly illustrate the underlying points made, suiting every kind of reader and learning style. I particularly found the step by step flowcharts for ‘When to refer’ as something my Vet clients can use and will be communicating with them about this in detail.

As a behaviour practitioner this book enables you to approach Veterinary practices for potential referrals with confidence and understanding of how they may wish to support their clients. In a Veterinary context, this would be the ‘go-to’ text for staff requiring support in the very wide range of behaviour-relevant topics covered.

The book is not intended to and absolutely should not replace referral to a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist as this is a specialist area of its own, requiring very long term experience and practical experience too.

However, I would strongly recommend every behaviour and veterinary practitioner obtain this text as it is clearly and efficiently based in-practice. Furthermore it is built on a solid foundation of Stephanie’s own extensive experience and qualification. It is my opinion that books of this nature simply did not previously exist, and the industry is ready for this book, and more. I hope a feline version will follow rapidly.

Karen Wild BA(Hons) Dip App Psych

Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Practical Canine Behaviour: For Veterinary Nurses and Technicians

– Karen Wild

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