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Today a Guide Dog Puppy walker tells of her own experience and why she is so passionate about supporting this valuable scheme.

In 2002 my Dad was forced into early retirement, as advanced macular degeneration caused him to lose a large percentage of his vision. He’s always enjoyed hill-walking and luckily was able to find a group of partially-sighted and blind walkers, who go on organised routes with guides. It was there I met Guide Dog, Foster, proudly and keenly guiding his owner and enjoying his ‘free running’ at rest stops. I’ve always loved dogs and been impressed with the tasks service dogs perform, but seeing this special partnership made me realise it’s much more impressive than I had ever imagined.

I decided to get involved with Guide Dogs for the Blind and it was then I found out about the puppy walking scheme. I’m now on Guide Dog puppy number 2 and it’s a great experience, to go along with my canine behaviour studies. Being involved with GDBA makes me really proud. Not proud of myself, but of the truly incredible dogs who work so hard for their humans; often giving them back a way of life, which they may have believed was gone forever.

Luckily, my dad has enough vision and independence to manage without a Guide Dog, but I will be forcing asking Dad to sponsor a puppy for my Christmas gift this year. I also hope that I will be able to get involved in promoting the scheme, when I’m out & about with my pup.

I’d like to nominate Guide Dogs, as a brilliant charity for people to support.

If you can give, please sponsor a puppy today – It makes a superb and original gift for Christmas.

– Karen Wild

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