Teach your dog a bow!

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Here is a step by step guide to teaching your dog a bow. This is a trick that will help you to learn exactly how your dog can move his posture. It is basically a sit with the front-end of his body.

  1. Begin with your dog in a stand. Hold a treat on his nose, and gradually lower the treat. Keep the treat very close to his nose, moving it inwards towards his body so that he drops his chin and shoulders to reach it.
  2. Keep the treat moving so that your dog crouches his front end to reach it. Once he does so, say ‘Bow’, praise and treat. Release and repeat five times. If necessary, place the back of your hand underneath and just in front of his back legs to keep them off the ground.
  3. As you say ‘bow’, start to bow yourself, too – this becomes the body signal along with the command.
  4. Keep practicing in short bursts – never teach this at the same time as a ‘down’ as your dog will get very confused.
  5. Finally, add in some of the other fun tricks your dog knows, and make a little show.

A dog training tip: always pay your dog well with nice food or a game with his toy. He needs to earn his wages or pocket money, just like anyone. If you stop paying, he will stop working! Be thrifty with treats but don’t be mean.

Now get teaching whilst playing and having fun with your doggy best friend!

This and more dog training tip goodies are available in my book 21 Days to the Perfect Dog, which is filled with day by day exercises to get any dog of any age into useful skills. It is also good for you to interact with your dog and learn about how dogs learn.

– Karen Wild

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