Start as you mean to go on! Puppy tips

Our new puppy classes started this week, with lots of enthusiastic owners! As well as the excitement of a new puppy, it is not without worry, so lots of [...]

Tempting treats for training

This is a fabulous recipe that makes the perfect training treat. It has come from Dr Muriel Brasseur of the Oxford Animal Behaviour Centre. Let’s get cooking! Luscious Liver [...]

Firm, fair, but not force

With supposedly ‘modern’ dog training, criticism is often leveled at methods that involve using treats or toys to teach new skills. Concerns exist about ‘giving in’ or somehow making [...]

But my dog still isn’t trained?

Dog training is not something you just do for a few weeks at puppy class. It has to last for the life of your dog. Train your dog to [...]

Is your dog acting “crazy”?

There are no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners’, so the saying goes. Relax! I work with a huge range of dogs and owners, and the answers [...]

Does your dog go crazy at the door?

Does your dog go crazy when a delivery person arrives? Does your house come with a warning to all delivery people? Is this a reputation your dog could do [...]

House training your dog

It’s not just puppies that need help to stop toileting accidents indoors. From little spills overnight to great big unwanted ones at any time – here are the best [...]


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