Category: Training

Tips for better lead handling for your dog

Often, once we have taught our dogs a command, the temptation to use the lead to implement it seems to become overwhelming. The lead becomes an encouragement, a reminder, [...]

Be a good dog citizen and train your dog!

What makes a good dog citizen? This week I am running a dog training workshop on this exact subject, teaching our owners and their pups what to do. ‘Manners!’ [...]

Pack Leader is out of date for dogs

Dog owners always like to know the best ways to help their dog, and often tell me they watch every program that is out there to learn more about [...]

10 tips to prevent a dog bite

So often we hear that people got bitten by a dog 'out of the blue', 'so fast I didn't see it coming'. Unpredictable? Unpreventable? Personally I believe that all [...]


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