Tips to improve bath time for you and your dog

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It is raining…and raining…and raining…

You might decide your dog needs a proper wash to get rid of every last trace of muck.

Bath time is a peaceful occasion, with scented bubbles and soothing music, so why is it that doggy baths lead to frustration and a room utterly awash, resembling the closing scenes of the movie Titanic? A wet and grumpy dog clinging to the edge, then making his escape and shaking every drop of water onto the curtains as he does so. Here are my tips.

No need to fill up the bath!

A couple of inches of water in the bottom of the bath and a plastic cup or jug will be fine for the first rinses. Use dog shampoo ONLY and check first before you use it as it sometimes requires diluting. I occasionally put a tiny drop of it into the bath water to help soak muddy paws.

If using the shower to rinse, make sure you get the right temperature before you go near the dog. If it is a powerful jet, reduce it if possible or aim it at your hand first to soften the blast.

No slippery sliding!

Make sure your dog has a non-slip mat to stand on. You may want to lay a towel in the bath to help with this, although it may float – this might be better if you use the shower.

Most of all – bring goodies!

Your dog’s favourite toys, some treats, or even wiping a smear of cheese spread onto the side of the bath for him to clean off with his tongue, all make the experience a little more palatable… and a little less like he’s invited to an unexpected drowning event.

How do you cope with bathtime? Do you have a huge dog and especially generous-sized towels? Do you always take your dog to a groomer or ‘dog wash? Do you think it is better to leave the mud on and let it dry? Let me know!

– Karen Wild

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