Start as you mean to go on! Puppy tips

Our new puppy classes started this week, with lots of enthusiastic owners! As well as the excitement of a new puppy, it is not without worry, so lots of [...]

Bad dog day?

Are you having a bad day with your dog? Does everything they do drive you barking mad? Here are my dog behaviour sanity-savers for every occasion. First of all, [...]

How to stop your dog jumping up?

Why do dogs jump up? It can be such a dog problem and starts from when they are just a puppy. At any event in the humdrum of everyday [...]

Social rules around dogs and puppies

Dogs live in human society as pets, so it’s essential we take precautions to teach them all the right social rules. You will need to plan for this long [...]

My puppy needs friends!

Does your puppy have lots of friends already, or did you only just get a pup and then aren’t sure whether you even know anyone with another dog? Are [...]

Thinking of getting a puppy?

If you are still tempted, before you read on, can I suggest you think again. Getting a puppy during lockdown is likely to lead to big changes when we [...]


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