Dog leash tech gives more reasons to walk our dogs daily!

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Exercise. We probably all need a little more of this, and pets are no different. Is there an ultimate lead that makes this easy?

The idea of an all in one convenient leash means we have seen them equipped with treats holders, water bowls, and of course, poo bag holders.

Leash fashion is taken care of with designer branding and colours, but the humble short lead may not be the future as we try to exercise our dogs under control.

Dog training is desirable to stop pulling on lead and to allow lots of freedom, but many people prefer not to let their dog entirely off their leash, or aren’t allowed by law. Longer ‘retractable’ leashes and lines combine safety and responsibility too and it is here that the human trend for tech and fitness has really overtaken leashes with functionality at the fore. Some trainers aren’t keen on flexi or retractable leads, but as with all tools, you need to know how to use them to make them safer.

So, the humble leash has seen an upsurge in style and technology!

Smart leashes, such as the Go Free from PetKit are hi-tech retractable leashes. Their functions include measuring walking and activity, linking via bluetooth to a smartphone. Rechargeable on usb, with the ability to charge your own phone too, these leads are designed to be more comfortable to hold too. Led lights are a popular tech addition allowing nighttime dog walks to be safer as the dog wanders to the extent of the lead, as well as reflective or luminous bands and stitching.

Encouraging a comfortable walk is assisted by the TUG ‘360 degree’ lead that again is extendable but prevents tackles with a rotating section on the handle. The SmartLeash reflects the uncomfortable nature of a dog that may pull with a shock absorbent bungee/elastic attachment.

Here are a few of my top picks for now, if you’re heading towards a new choice to keep your dog exercised but remember, long lines of this type need you to be vigilant – never ever walk your dog on an extending leash next to a road!

For information on how to stop your dog from pulling on the lead, check out my guide below!


– Karen Wild

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