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Mud, dogs, glorious mess

Dogs and mud! Today I don't need my amazing wet weather gear as I have a day off. Even so I got to thinking about 'mud management' with dogs. [...]

How to keep your Cat happy

A lot of us have super friendly cats – when they want to be. They enjoy fuss on their own terms. Some are all over us and can’t cope [...]

Mud and your dog walks today!

  It’s sunny, and yes it’s muddy! The Autumn dry days are great for romping through the leaves (I mean for our dogs, but you’re allowed too). However, the [...]

Games not to play with your dog

  Any play can turn into a problem if you don’t think through the rules and regular routine of the game beforehand. It’s a good idea to think about [...]

New toys for cats and dogs?

I was asked to research the latest ideas in the pet industry and found some brilliant ideas to help us all occupy our pets and generally look after them [...]


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