Autumn joy with our dogs

I don’t know many people that say they hate Autumn. This time of year is most enjoyable for walking my dogs. Just enough warmth to wear a jumper and [...]

Do neighbours complain about your dog?

Is your dog a window-barking addict? Are your neighbours starting to complain? Or maybe you are the neighbour with the barking dog nuisance next door to you? Barking at [...]

What exactly is a “dangerous dog”?

An interesting venture came to my notice recently. What appears to be a dog vigilante group, intent on naming and shaming dogs and owners for alleged dog attacks. The [...]

How to find a good dog groomer

Does your dog like to be groomed? Or is this a time you dread? Have you got the kind of dog that tangles itself into knots the second you [...]

Is your dog acting “crazy”?

There are no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners’, so the saying goes. Relax! I work with a huge range of dogs and owners, and the answers [...]

Are you a toxic trainer?

Recently I witnessed an appalling example of group behaviour. It is not the first time I have experienced it, but certainly one of the most unpleasant. A training group [...]

Does your dog go crazy at the door?

Does your dog go crazy when a delivery person arrives? Does your house come with a warning to all delivery people? Is this a reputation your dog could do [...]

House training your dog

It’s not just puppies that need help to stop toileting accidents indoors. From little spills overnight to great big unwanted ones at any time – here are the best [...]

All dogs need training

One of my dog training class members came to me yesterday, thrilled that she had been paid several compliments about her dog walking nicely next to her in the [...]

Managing muddy dogs

Muddy dogs can be a problem! Ways to manage the mud to keep your sanity, stop you and your dog turning amphibian when out on walks, and how to [...]

Tips for dealing with dog arthritis

Thinking that your dog has ‘slowed down’ may actually be signs of dog arthritis. Painful and debilitating for your dog, but here are some great tips on how to [...]

Dogs that bite

Ah, the mythical biting beast. An image of a vicious hound we cannot imagine in our own dog. Leading owners to ignore and deny the fact that their dog [...]


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