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Games not to play with your dog

  Any play can turn into a problem if you don’t think through the rules and regular routine of the game beforehand. It’s a good idea to think about [...]

Lockdown pets and the new normal

  What’s happening for our pets during lockdown? How are they coping?   In my book ‘Being a Dog’, I tried to help us all learn how the world [...]

Coronavirus COVID 19 and our dogs in lockdown

  Music by Louis Wild ©Copyright WildMusicStudio 2020 Emma Milne is a Vet, author and animal welfare enthusiast.Emma qualified from Bristol in 1996 and was featured in BBC's hugely [...]

New toys for cats and dogs?

I was asked to research the latest ideas in the pet industry and found some brilliant ideas to help us all occupy our pets and generally look after them [...]

Is my pet naughty? Or poorly?

This week has been rather difficult for us as we found out one of our older, beloved dogs is very unwell. Our little terrier has always had her fair [...]

Excessive Licking in Dogs

Excessive Licking: How Can I Deal with This Aspect If you are a dog owner or have friends with dogs, you probably went through the part in which you [...]

Noel Edmonds supports positive dog training!

I am SO excited to have been invited to write about positive dog training for Noel Edmonds' amazingly positive site, My article on positive dog training was invited, and posted, [...]


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