Does your dog go crazy at the door?

Does your dog go crazy when a delivery person arrives? Does your house come with a warning to all delivery people? Is this a reputation your dog could do [...]

Dogs that bite

Ah, the mythical biting beast. An image of a vicious hound we cannot imagine in our own dog. Leading owners to ignore and deny the fact that their dog [...]

Dog growls are good news?

Has your dog ever growled, or has a dog growled at you? It’s not a nice experience, and unmistakable in intent. ‘Stop doing that’; ‘Go away!’ and I’m sure, [...]

Children petting your dog

We all pat the dog! Please don’t! Working with owners every day brings lots of stories about their problems with their dogs, but also their experiences in the community, [...]

Why does my dog eat poo?

It affects so many, but it’s hardly talked about. Our lovely furry cuddly friends prove themselves to be revolting scavengers – but why? More importantly, is there anything we [...]

Is it really “separation anxiety”?

‘While the cat’s away, the mouse will play’ goes the saying. In our case it can be ‘While the human’s away, the dog will… bark, howl, toilet, chew, dig, [...]

Games not to play with your dog

Any play can turn into a problem if you don’t think through the rules and regular routine of the game beforehand. It’s a good idea to think about what [...]

Helping your dog with thunderstorm fear

Optimistic, I know, but the weather is changing rapidly so let’s hope we get a run of dry, sunny weather. Which does your dog prefer? Rain, cold or warm [...]

What is the meaning of a dog tail wag?

Ah, the dog’s tail. Supposedly the barometer of their feelings. What does it mean when the dog wags his tail? Countless times I have been told by owners that [...]


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