Positive ways to train your dog

Love is important, for other humans and for our pets. Did you know that petting your best friend (in this case a dog, but I suppose the choice is [...]

Teach your dog a bow!

Here is a step by step guide to teaching your dog a bow. This is a trick that will help you to learn exactly how your dog can move his [...]

A dog training walk workout!

You walk your dog every day (and if you don’t, start now). Why not use the time to do some on the spot training that will build your skills [...]

How to stop your dog jumping up?

Why do dogs jump up? It can be such a dog problem and starts from when they are just a puppy. At any event in the humdrum of everyday [...]

House training in winter

I always get more enquiries from dog owners on what to do about the increase in ‘little accidents’ indoors in wintertime. You may even have noticed that thanks to [...]

Social rules around dogs and puppies

Dogs live in human society as pets, so it’s essential we take precautions to teach them all the right social rules. You will need to plan for this long [...]

My puppy needs friends!

Does your puppy have lots of friends already, or did you only just get a pup and then aren’t sure whether you even know anyone with another dog? Are [...]


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