Make vet visits fun for your dog!

Vet visits don’t have to be a worry for you or your beloved dog. One minute they can be happy, next minute, they can be a timid little misery-bundle. [...]

Should I get another dog?

More than one dog at home? Problems? Or want to add a dog to your doggy family? It’s time to weigh up the facts and think long and hard [...]

Doggy gateau treat temptation

A fantastic recipe for a “Greyt” Gourmet Liver Gateau submitted by the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust. Why not cook up one of these fabulous treats for your favourite furry friend. [...]

Kids miss danger signs in dogs

Ever caught yourself hugging your dog? Whispering secrets into its velvety non-judgemental ears? How about during training when you might be making it wait for its toy when it [...]

Autumn joy with our dogs

I don’t know many people that say they hate Autumn. This time of year is most enjoyable for walking my dogs. Just enough warmth to wear a jumper and [...]

Do neighbours complain about your dog?

Is your dog a window-barking addict? Are your neighbours starting to complain? Or maybe you are the neighbour with the barking dog nuisance next door to you? Barking at [...]

What exactly is a “dangerous dog”?

An interesting venture came to my notice recently. What appears to be a dog vigilante group, intent on naming and shaming dogs and owners for alleged dog attacks. The [...]

How to find a good dog groomer

Does your dog like to be groomed? Or is this a time you dread? Have you got the kind of dog that tangles itself into knots the second you [...]

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